JUNE 23 – 27, 2019


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Enable Frequent Releases for Enterprise Mobile

How to Make It a Reality Without Losing Your Sanity

This talk explores cultural, technical and infrastructural changes companies can make to improve their mobile CICD pipeline and enable them to release more frequently without sacrificing quality.

As companies continue to embrace the ‘mobile first’ strategy, many are grappling with a formidable challenge – How to release mobile updates more frequently given the painful and archaic app publishing process?

Beyond brute forcing release cadence, there need to be cultural, technical and infrastructural changes to make frequent releases a reality.

This talk explores these dimensions in depth and provides practical insights on topics such as how to boost build Infrastructure and reduce build time? How to improve code quality and merge process and guard against bad code? How to improve test automation and make tests less 'flaky'? What are the key culture elements that make frequent releases possible?

Audience will come away with actionable insights on ways to improve large scale mobile delivery and CICD practices to enable frequent releases. It is not only possible but entirely necessary for enterprises to invest in these areas that will set their mobile platform up for sustainable growth.

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