JUNE 21 – 25, 2020


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Enabling Continuous Delivery [With Testing]

Use testing to lead, not lag DevOps adoption

Anyone can deliver all the time; just push the code to production. Adding testing to the mix "slows down" deploys and makes testing "the bottleneck." This is on how to do better.

Anyone can deliver all the time; just push the code to production. That leads to three options:

  • (A) Lot of time in fix/retest land
  • (B) Low quality in production.
  • Option (C) is to reduce risk and uncertainty by making continuous delivery work.

In other words, testers and testing can become irrelevant by Continuous Delivery … or they can lead the way.

Drawing from the acclaimed Lean Software Delivery course, Matt Heusser teaches how testing activities can change to enable continuous delivery - not just to production, but how data from the release can inform the customer feedback cycle on what to build next.

The tutorial uses a combination of lecture and exercises to explore the forces that drive risk on software projects, where the attendees are now … and what the world might look like in six weeks or six months. Attendees learn a nuanced, clear definition of continuous delivery, the core concepts of lean continuous improvement, and how to steer toward it.

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