JUNE 23 – 27, 2019


Join North America's greatest Agile Testing Festival!

Evoke the Soul of Agile

Stop focusing on DOING better... Focus on BEING better. Engage the soul of people, of teams, and your company for Agile to support your success.

We spend too much time focused on doing better. "Go faster”, “Put more people on the problem", “Reduce costs", “Just get it shipped!” Do any of these sound familiar? We excel at fire fighting and bandaid solutions. We do not spend enough time focused on being better. We need leaders to step up, forge a new path to shift culture, and demonstrate through their example. Then we need everyone else to follow this new path and step into their own personal leadership too. We need to evoke the Soul of Agile. The soul is deep and is the root of everything else. When we lack soul, we lack brilliance. We lack creativity, inspiration, and innovation. We can't wow anyone inside or outside of our company. Work doesn't have to be hard, painful, or a struggle. It can be light, engaging, interesting, and a space of curiosity and connection. Join Selena to learn practical techniques to bring more soul to work and enable real success for your Agile transformation.

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