Exploratory testing driven by mind maps

Sharing knowledge, test ideas and conditions to enhance an exploratory testing approach as a team

This presentation is about how mind maps are used to support exploratory testing in a cross-functional team.

Claudia will share how mind maps help the team have a common understanding of what to test, and how mind maps are designed by the team so they can easily be read and understood regardless of who created them. She will also describe how mind maps are re-used through the different releases, and what the team has learnt when applying this testing strategy.

At the end of the presentation, Claudia will share some tips to start using mind maps when applying an exploratory testing strategy. This story is set during the process of building a multi-platform UI prototyping tool mainly for interaction designers.

The team, fully dedicated to building the product, consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals: developers (5), interaction designers (1), visual designers (1), and testers (1).