Finding bugs before implementation

Decomposing problem statement, finding risks, and proposing mitigation steps.

Have a feeling bugs are just symptoms of misunderstanding? Check how you can scrutinise problem and solution, to avoid common pitfalls during development.

The longer it takes to find a bug the more it costs to fix it. It’s well known formula. That’s why instead of testing for quality we’re trying to bake high quality into development process. But what if you could go one step deeper? Spot bugs before they’re even implemented. At point when they haven’t manifested as broken code yet, but exist in a form of invalid assumption or unknown unknowns.

We’re going to present you several ways of exploring problem space to find unproven assumptions, unknown unknowns, and risks, which not addressed may materialise as bugs during development.

Heard about shifting left? We will show you how we’ve moved quality assurance to the very edge of left of software development process. The left where there is nothing more left. You will learn techniques that support learning process and help grow mutual understanding of expectations. Equipped with them you will be able together with your colleagues, product owners, designers, comprehend better what kind of problem you’re trying to solve with a feature and what are the risks related to it. Succeed in delivering quality software without quality specialist.

You will look at a feature from various perspectives and seek for issues. You will analyse architecture, user experience and domain meanders to understand how it can affect the feature delivery and its quality. You will identify relevant risks, propose ways of managing them. All of this done by playing specially crafted deck of cards!

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