JUNE 21 – 25, 2020


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Getting Buy-In for Mob Programming

Convincing your team to try Mob Programming can be tough. We'll explore ways to do it - through mobbing!

“All the brilliant people, working on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer.“ - that is Mob Programming. Mobbing - a group activity utilizing one computer - voices out the tacit knowledge in the group of individuals on shared tasks. Facilitated by an expert, it makes a great mechanism for building habits and transferring skills over passing knowledge. Having a whole group work on one computer often raises question, even if you think it might be an interesting thing to try on your team. You’ve got to figure out the best way to present the idea to your team and possibly even management and get them on board. How can you prepare responses to common arguments against trying Mob Programming?

This workshop first brings you all on the same level with a short experience on mobbing. Instead of writing code in a mob, we will write a short article describing Mob Programming. We reflect on our mobbing experience in a retro, and then dig in deeper on seeking answers to the question of how do we get to do this in our own organizations? We dive into group work identifying possible naysayers to mobbing and what the counter arguments are, drawing from experiences from all of us. Each group will share summaries of their work so we benefit from the knowledge and ideas of the whole room - another important aspect of mobbing. In software development, those who learn the fastest do best. Could mobbing take our teamwork to the next level by enabling learning between everyone? Lessons specific to skill sets rub in both ways, leaving everyone better off after the experience.

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