How to Lead a Team

Learning how to code on your own does not prepare you to work in a team environment and yet communication, leading and planning make a difference in what we can accomplish together.

As a self taught developer who eventually joined a bootcamp, I was surprised how the essential lessons were not only on code, but working on code together with other people. From having people around me to getting to lead small teams working together, the impact we can have makes a significant difference.

In this talk, we walk through my lessons from self-taught to a Lambda school student to a team lead, to help you avoid the pitfalls I experienced. We’ll look at how one of the most underrated skills is having experience working in a team environment, and how the experiences of repeated situations helps us navigate through difficult situations. Avoid lack of communication, not having a clear leader and not planning effectively as good teams have pretty much done all those things very well.

You are probably wondering, Cam how can I accomplish these things. First, play some sort of icebreaker to get to know each other and find out why they got into the industry. Second, find out what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are and have defined roles in mind. Third and this is probably as important as the others is planning planning planning. If you don’t plan you plan to fail. Let’s plan to lead effectively and work well together.

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