1-Day Tutorial: Influence > Authority and Other Principles of Leadership

In this interactive workshop, we'll look at what leadership is and isn't, why influence is more important than authority, and how to wield and grow your influence. All roles / levels welcome.

You are a leader. Whether or not your title reflects a position of authority, whether or not you think you are a leader, you are one. Everyone is. But not everyone realizes it. Like Dorothy stuck in Oz, you have had your red shoes with you all along. In this workshop, we’ll look at what leadership is and isn’t, why influence is much more important than authority, and how to wield and grow your influence to have a positive impact on your organization. This is a highly interactive workshop where we will explore principles, models, and techniques to help you tap into your personal style of leadership. Bring your organizational challenges and be prepared to work on them in a collaborative and safe space with others.


Key Learnings:

- How to identify the right problem to solve before jumping to solutions
- Structuring (and troubleshooting) challenging conversations
- Creating the right kind of visibility to gain alignment
- Partnering effectively and improving team cohesion
- Gaining support from leadership (and no, it does not involve sucking up)

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