JUNE 23 – 27, 2019


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Leading By Example

How a tester can use other roles processes to gain insight and influence

So often the testers experience is very different from the developers and other roles on the team. The testers most valued asset the testers mindset is one of an outsider, an uncorrupted and still insightful vision of software, this creates a natural tension within an organization. Companies and individuals have placed a great deal of effort into creating and standardizing development practices, testing tends to be seen as a black box of activity. The tester is faced with translating their actions and insight into language that their team can both understand and recognize value. Testers end up trying not be too intrusive, not rock the boat while still advocating for quality. There just isn't a common framework for how testing is integrated onto teams. How many different xDD approaches are there to help developers with testing but the industry can't even agree on whether dedicated testers are even necessary. How can test engineer gain traction for their ideas in a development centric universe? This talk will showcase how testers can use traditionally development oriented processes to both rationalize or increase acceptance of testing activities while showcasing testers talents to increase their influence on the team. Topics will include: Integrating exploratory testing into agile planning workflows. Red \ Green Refactoring of Testing Using code review frameworks to share testing coverage and status Using automated test writing as a communication bridge

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