JUNE 23-27, 2019



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Lean Software Testing: Explained

Learn to find the hidden things slowing down your process, measure them, remove them, and predict improved performance

Lean Software Testing (LST) is an approach to testing that focuses on improving throughput while reducing risk. To do that, we explain principles to analyze the way testing is being done right now, provide guidelines for improvement, and reference examples for comparison. The LST course introduces a new way to think about software delivery, based on flow - while providing a few essential tools to measure, manage, and optimize for flow while reducing risk. Starting with “what are we doing now?”, participants in the course learn how to figure out what to do next as the team continually improves — without reinventing the universe.. This highly compressed version of the classes focuses on just two things: (1) Methods to identify waste, and (2) The management tools to measure and improve the the flow of testing. Immediate benefits The course introduces lean manufacturing in a practical, non-buzzwordy way. More importantly, it show which elements applies to software delivery and how to apply then. An “out of the box” software improvement method that plugs into a Traditional, Agile or even Continuous Delivery Software Model Tools to measure performance of test work: cycle time, work in progress, touch time, and lead time Understand how flow impacts throughput Learn the Find > Fix > Retest loop, what it does to productivity ... and how to fix it Reduce time spent estimating and planning test products Learn to communicate about risk and testing both inside the technical team and out Format LST involves new concepts and thinking in a new way. Instruction begins with lecture but moves quickly to include discussion, followed by practical application of new knowledge with software exercises and games that reinforce the ideas in the class. Come prepared to participate in this fast-paced, interactive tutorial.

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