Lessons Learned from a Troubled Project!

Lack of communication, developing in isolation and not understanding customer requirements is a disaster for any team. Learn how to avoid this situation from my experience in a failing project.

Developing software is easy. Create the right thing and create the thing right. Simple!

If only that were true.

I would like to share a story of a project I was working on which was struggling. Our team of developers and testers spent a number of months working on a new product. We decided to review what we had been working on with our customers, only to discover that what we had developed was next to useless! The code didn’t work and we hadn’t designed the right thing.

But what caused this to happen?

By not working closely with our customers we weren’t understanding their needs or developing what was useful to them. We also weren’t working well together. We developed in isolation and operated very much as a group of individuals.

Given that our main issues were based around communication and our lack of collaborative process, we needed to be working closer together. Iron out requirements with our customers, hold each other accountable for the work we were doing and demonstrate new functionality as often and as early as possible.

I’d like to share the lessons that I have learned from this failure, and what I’d do differently next time, so that your projects do not meet the same fate!

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