Mentoring Corner

Take the chance and talk to some of the most inspiring speakers of the AgileTD community. Receive some valuable feedback to further your own speaking career.

You are a speaker, maybe even here at the Agile Testing Days USA 2019 and unsure about your presentation or how to handle feedback from the audience? You have submitted a paper, and were not selected in the previous Call for Papers? You are thinking about taking the stage and becoming a speaker, because it's time people hear your story?

Then this session is for you!

Meet the 2019 program chairs and share your very own story and approach towards your presentation intends. Whether it is just a vast idea or a ready-to-go abstract, there is something in it for everyone. You can just join this group and meet other speakers, practise your talk or network. Get some hands-on knowledge and valuable insights of experienced All Stars but also from newbies. Which hurdles did they have to take on their way? How do they deal with anxiety and stress on conferences? How to find a mentor or learning partner?

Bring your thoughts and leave with the conviction that YOU will rock the stage.
Everyone has a story to share - dedicate and people will listen! 


This is a drop-in session, so you may walk in or out anytime, to attend some of the morning sessions.


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