Metrics: Tell A Story Not A Number

Are you using numbers to tell the status of your testing? Do your stakeholders understand them? Are you still counting test cases, automated scripts, percent complete? Let's talk....I have a story...

How are you providing the status of testing to your stakeholders today? Do you feel that they understand the information? Do you agree with what you are providing? Is your organization wrapped tight around test coverage numbers, percent complete, percent pass/fail, or metrics that measure individual productivity? Do you find yourself speaking in code (e.g. numbers, statistics, predictions, estimations)? How many times do you find yourself “playing with numbers” and not taking time to build your “story” and tell the true state of the system under test.

Creating a “story” for your testing efforts will give your stakeholders a better understanding of where you are with testing. Simply providing numbers can risk misinterpretation. The goal of every agile team is to understand what the stakeholders are expecting and how to provide this information in the most consumable form. Most stakeholders want to know about the product, the delivery, customer satisfaction, and the return on investment.

We will challenge the audience to forget the things you are doing today and focus on defining, building, and succeeding with a measurement program that gives meaningful metrics to your stakeholders. You will leave equipped with the ability to answer the key stakeholder questions, bring your organization back to life, and meet more of your goals.

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