JUNE 21 – 25, 2020


Join North America's greatest Agile Testing Festival!

Most of the code is garbage on this planet. Let's see how?

A code that just works is not sufficient.

It’s been 16 years in the Hacking World & my views about the software are still preposterous in terms of Security which has not changed. I look at Security in Unconventional ways.

Some of us like Mr. Snowden for what he did and some of us treat his doings as ugly. Well, I personally love what he did and appreciate it because he cared and took it personally. Some of you may say that “Ah, there is the right way of doing it and he could have done it in a different way”. The judgments will never stop. We all want Secure Applications for our customers, but we have fallen into the trap of routine ways of testing for security (Maybe I can refer it to as “Shallow (Security) Testing”?). We are very formal in the ways we do security testing (What I mean by “formal”? You will hear in the conference). And most of the trainers or leaders in Security somehow lack a view of seeing it from a serious attitude. At times I just say, these people (some or most of them) in the corporate world most don’t understand security testing or testing at all.

Santhosh still sees the vulnerabilities which are silly but dangerous. He says, “Out of 10 Applications, at least 70% of them can be exploited using their vulnerabilities”. It is just a matter of time and motivation of hackers to identify the vulnerability and exploit it in a creative way.

This talk is not just going to be some random slides and just speaking in a formal way. As a teaser, the following highlighted subjects will be covered during this talk.

Demonstration of attacks.

Emphasis on what we lack in the software industry and why?

Are we barking at the wrong tree?

A quick recap on the “Hacking” experience since 16.

How everyone can contribute to “Security” through the “Art of questioning”?

You will hear about Santhosh Tuppad’s hacking experience as a hacker with examples and his transformation (real) story. It’s exciting and funny!

Why it’s not surprising that we see crimes occurring every day in the cyber world news?

And more crazy examples with demonstrations. Santhosh Tuppad is pretty sure that the audience is going to enjoy his talk.

Let the Hacking journey begin!

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