My Job No Longer Exists... What Now?

Unlearn everything you know about your career and jobs. It is time we adapt to the new normal.

You have worked in a company for over a decade. You have been loyal, faithful, and put in a lot of hard work to do your best job over the years. All of a sudden, things like COVID happens and you get laid off.

Now what? How do you handle unexpected situations in your job and bounce back from it? The playing field is leveled now where people working for over 15 years got laid off along with those who have worked only for several months in companies. This is a common narrative we are hearing these days and people are starting to realize that, there is no stability in their careers and they have to start looking ahead to the future.

Come join this talk, where I share my real-life experiences going through similar kinds of situations. Some of them include lack of motivation and guidance, high self-doubt, and low self-esteem, and having to apply for 1293 jobs during the 2008 recession. Yes, I said that right. Since then, I have discovered different strategies that have transformed mine and other people’s lives from a place of scarcity to abundance.

In this talk, I will reveal the secrets to bounce back up and set yourself miles apart from the competition to thrive in the career you love under any circumstances. Reclaim your life and career, and start the transformation process right now.

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