New Kid on the Blockchain

Cryptocurrency Testing Basics

Every industry has its own set of terms and domain knowledge, cryptocurrency is no exception. Get a basic introduction to key concepts and tips for testing in this industry.

These days everything is better with a blockchain, right? While many industries are adopting blockchain technology, let’s start with the industry that started it all by looking at the complexities that make testing a decentralized financial platform unique and interesting.

Join Dee Ann as she discusses the fascinating world of testing a cryptocurrency wallet. She will walk attendees through key terms and concepts that are vital for navigating the crypto world.

Dee Ann will address your burning questions, like what do I buy with Bitcoin? As well as, what are all these cryptocurrencies and how do they work? But most importantly she will divulge some of her experiences to demonstrate challenges and resolutions that have shaped her last year working working in this volatile and exciting corner of fintech.

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