JUNE 23 – 27, 2019


Join North America's greatest Agile Testing Festival!

Pair programming? Pair testing? Working together with the developers

In my scrum team, as a tester, I'm responsible for the test work to be done. Most of that test work is done manually. We need to automate those test cases. But, when? And how? The developers and and the tester can do a lot together. Some times we test together. Some times we program together. Some times I'm on my own, testing or creating/writing automation scripts. In my talk I will share my experiences what I'm doing with my developer colleagues. From the moment we start development on the feature (Epic or user story) up until we ship it. We explore, build and test the feature. Based on that we create scripts for automation on various levels. From unit test level up until end to end testing.

Pair testing is a way of testing where two people work together on a test assignment. As a pair, you can be more valuable than as a single person. You are each others backup, progress will not stop if one person can’t participate. Working as a pair will also increase the speed of your test work. One person is executing the tests while, at the same time, the other person is making notes. At any time you can switch roles. To work successfully as a pair, some arrangements need to be agreed upon. In my talk, I will share my own experiences about what is needed to set up pair testing, how to produce value as a pair, and how to explain the benefits of pair testing to your stakeholders. I will demonstrate how testing as a pair can (and will) improve the quality of your work. With this talk I give the audience information how to convince their team lead that pair testing can and will improve the quality of the test work.

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