Panoramic Quality

The Fellowship of Testing in DevOps

DevOps changes the landscape of testing, how testers can find their footing and become Quality Owners

DevOps drastically changes the landscape of testing. Collaboration between operations and development teams enables a steady stream of small changes to be deployed to production. This pace of change puts a real strain on traditional testing activities. There used to be a sense of safety in dedicating hours or even days to testing after code is complete and before release, yet this is a luxury and liability in DevOps. The more time that elapses from when code is written to when it is deployed, the more risk is actually introduced. The geography of production code is in a constant state of change, so the longer testing takes the more the landscape around and even beneath you changes, and the more risk it accrues.

This rapid rate of change requires testers to broaden their vision, and shift the focus and geography of their actions. In this talk testers will see that while they may have lost full ownership the testing tasks they are accustomed to performing, DevOps has expanded the opportunity for testers to become arbiters of quality. I'll share 3 core responsibilities of testers in DevOps: to know, protect, and verify. Through these responsibilities I'll establish a working definition of Quality Ownership and discuss its relationship to Product Ownership to help testers look beyond deriving quality from executing tests and shift instead towards becoming quality owners. This talk will help testers to find their path to enabling continuous quality, through pairing and sharing test ownership across the team while instilling value from pull request to production.