JUNE 21 – 25, 2020


Join North America's greatest Agile Testing Festival!

Putting Testing Back Into Agile

The art of craftfully making testing plans

An efficient testing plan observes opportunity and necessity, then craftfully injects testing into the process. In observing a team’s workflow, we will work to build out a detailed agile testing plan.

It is a common misunderstanding that Agile + Testing = Agile Testing.

The misunderstaning comes from the faulty idea that two definitive processes involved in engineering have to be collaborative. Unfortunately that is not true.

As difficult as it may seem to conceptualize this, the truth is highlighted by thinking about how often testing is left out the conversation. Too often to be called Agile Testing.

In this workshop we will explore Agile Testing as a mindset and practice, then work together to identify opportunities in a team workflow to implement a proper Agile Testing strategy.

This will include:

  • Conversations that advocate for quality
  • Quality as everyone’s responsibility
  • Transparency about testing
  • Partnering
  • Testing vs. Checking

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