JUNE 23-27, 2019



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Python For Testers - Live programming on stage

What can testers gain from learning Python as a tool in their testing

I will show on stage while programming live what testers can use the programming language Python for. It's not only for test automation and checking, it can be used to craft powerful tools to be reused, or to speed up some one-time operation that needs to be done.

Ever faced yourself doing laborious and repetitive work as a tester? Of course you have.

In our day-to-day work we have to perform manual tasks before, during, and after testing.


Copying files from folders into other folders, quite possibly spread out on different servers?

Looking for specific text strings in log files, matching those to other text strings and timestamps in other log files.

And let us not get started on generating new and unique test data, manually typing in the data.


Not only does it take time away from us, it is also mind numbingly boring at times.

However these types of tasks are necessary to do when we do our testing.

But who says it has to be done by you?


In this session I plan to show you how easily and quick you can write small, yet simple and powerful help tools that assist you in your everyday test life.

This in order for you to be able to focus on what humans are good at, namely the “Sapient testing”, and leave the laborious and repetitive robot-work to what a computer is good at.


I will show this not by presenting a plethora of powerpoint slides, but rather instead live via a terminal, keyboard, and using Python.


By the end of the session I hope to have demonstrated how powerful and easy Python is to work with, but most of all I hope to have inspired you into looking at employing Python to automate your repetitive work.

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