Rangers of the North Are We

Testers in the Land of Whole Team Quality

Testing is vital to making reliable software; how testing is done well in an organization claiming “whole team responsible for quality” can be a challenge.

In Lord of the Rings, the Rangers, like Strider (Aragorn), are scorned by nearly everyone. Maybe you’ve heard something like this: “The Agile Manifesto is anti-tester because it doesn’t talk about testers.” Or this: “Whole Team development means you don’t need people testing, because everyone is responsible for quality.” Or this: “We no longer need testers because we’re Agile now.” Maybe you have heard about companies eliminating all tester roles and functions and relying on “Automation” alone to find problems. Anyone else notice how it is easy to dismiss or look down on people who contribute to the greater good in ways many don’t understand? Maybe the issue is something more simple and yet more complex than that.

Join Pete Walen as he explores what testers can do to support our teams, our clients and maybe, just maybe change the minds and perceptions of people with ideas and opinions like those above. All that is Gold does not Glitter, Not all those who wander are lost…