Risk Assessment Sessions for Individuals and Teams

Grow yourself professionally and help your team produce better software and processes!

Risk assessment can be done in a group setting to help advance a team's understanding or in a solo setting to help an individual with their professional growth.

One of the hardest things to do as a tester is to evaluate and communicate risk. The second hardest thing is to know if you're getting better at your job. A risk assessment session can help with both!

A risk assessment session is a method for talking through the risks of a project, application, feature, use case, or any other subset of your life. It’s designed so that you walk away with a better picture of the risks and can form a good path forward for testing or personal growth. Jenny Bramble will describe the five steps to a successful risk assessment session (Pick your features. Pick a rating system. Level-set your rating system. Assign values. Re-evaluate those values.) and how to use them in a formal session with your team or informally with yourself as a method to determine if you're growing in your career.

You'll walk away from the talk empowered to start evaluating and documenting the risks you see in your projects as a means of growth for your team and yourself!