Risk-based testing for the whole team

Engage your whole team to identify risks and plan to mitigate them

Use visual frameworks such as risk storming to engage the whole team in risk-based planning and creating a focused test strategy.

Part 1: 30 minute talk – the theory

There’s never enough time to test all the things, especially in today’s continuous world. How can teams feel confident that they’re doing the most valuable testing activities on the highest-risk areas of their product? Come get an overview of some ways teams can collaborate hands-on to build a test strategy to mitigate the biggest risks and ensure customers get the value they need. Whether your team is co-located or distributed, you can find ways to boost creativity and perhaps discover those “unknown unknowns” as you start building a new feature.


Part 2: 75 minute workshop – hands-on practice


In this hands-on workshop, we’ll dive deep into risk storming, an effective way for teams to collaborate on a risk-based test strategy for a new product or feature. Participants will work in small groups to practice risk storming for a variety of product domains. Risk storming was originally developed by Beren von Daele and Marcel Gehlen, using the TestSphere cards Beren designed. The cards are combined with a canvas and other techniques to brainstorm together about the important quality attributes of a product or feature, potential risks to those, and ways to mitigate the risks. Participants will come together to discuss the types of risks in different domains. Lots of creative ideas for test strategies and how to focus testing in the most valuable places will emerge! Take risk storming back to your own team and spark new approaches to your test strategy.

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