JUNE 21 – 25, 2020


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1-day Tutorial: Selenium WebDriver with Java

Gain hands-on experience building a test automation framework with the most popular test automation tool in the industry!

Automation skills are in high demand, and many testers are seeking to expand their knowledge in this area. In this workshop, you’ll gain hands-on experience building a test automation framework from scratch with Selenium WebDriver and Java, the most popular combo for web UI test automation in the industry!

You’ll learn how to programmatically:

- Identify static and dynamic web elements

- Interact with elements to simulate a user’s actions

- Integrate with a test assertion library

- Organize code using the Page Object Model design pattern

- Wait strategies to control the timing of the script

- Recognize and avoid flaky test patterns

Upon completion of this interactive workshop, you will have first-hand insight into the common problems and challenges that automation engineers face on a daily basis. You’ll have marketable experience with the most popular test automation tool in the industry. You will also leave with your very own automation framework that demonstrates core principles of test automation design.

NOTE: Basic familiarity with Java will be very helpful for this course but is not required. If you’d like to learn Java before taking this course, see Angie’s free online course on Test Automation University: https://testautomationu.applitools.com/java-programming-course/

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