Shift Right: a possible future for testers

There is a lot of work outside of our box!

Shift right is a collection of activities that can very will be done by testers. By doing these activities we enhance our added value

The term shift right is explained differently by different people, and every explanation has different value for (test)organizations. The first explanation of shift right is testing in production. The second explanation of shift right is the application of concepts like canary testing and A/B testing. The third explanation of shift right is to make clear whether the goals of a system or a modification of a system are met. In the first part of this talk, Jan Jaap will explain the different explanations of shift right. He will also will share his experience with all forms of shift right.

The second part the attendees will brainstorm in small groups about the consequences of shift right for them. They will specially answer the question which skills they will have to develop in order to do shift right well.

This talk will make shift right clear and practical for the attendees.

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