Software Tester's Guide to Effective Team-Building

How you can make your team more effective as a software tester by building trust!

One of the main problems with building quality software is relates to how effectively a team is working. I will share what behaviours and sessions can build trust within your cross-functional teams.

As testers, it is our role to assist the team in developing quality software. Quite often, this has nothing to do with the technology itself.

Have you ever worked in a team of individuals? Have you ever felt as if your team don’t want to talk to each other or work together? I’ve been in this position and it’s not great. Team members would work on their own individual tasks and not collaborate with others. Work would be thrown over the wall to each other. There would be little to no knowledge sharing across the team.

So how can we help the team become more collaborative?

It’s simple, in theory – we need to communicate more. However, talking to each other more frequently and changing habits often built up over a number of years can be difficult!

In this talk, I would like to share how to build trust within your team by showing honesty and humility yourself. In addition to this, how to get team members talking and holding each other accountable through the use of effective Agile ceremonies.

One of the hardest parts of developing quality software is performing effectively as a team. I would like to share the successes and failures I’ve experienced in this area!

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