Struggling to Ship?

A story about diagnosing and fixing underlying issues causing long feedback cycles and missed deliverables.

Even with Agile and DevOps so widespread, teams still struggle to deliver high quality software on time. No methodology guarantees success. So what can you do?

Despite advances in software development approaches, teams all over still struggle to deliver software on time and delight customers. It doesn’t matter which methodology you adopt. Scrum, DevOps, SAFe, XP: no methodology can guarantee on time releases of high quality software. Agile methods of all flavors emphasize the importance of tight feedback cycles, testing early and often. But what do you do when that’s not enough? When you’re set up to deliver frequently with fully automated pipelines, but the time between deliveries is still stretching from days to weeks? In this talk we’ll consider the case of a product team that had exactly that problem, and we’ll see how they solved it using data instead of guesswork. Along the way we’ll extract key lessons learned around defining problems before trying to jump in with solutions, creating visibility, and building strong partnerships and teams.

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