Synthetic Monitoring

Your staging environment is lying to you! Synthetic monitoring is about building capabilities to see what your real users see, in production.

does not matter how hard we try our lower environments will never be the same as the Production environment, this could be caused by infrastructure differences, database configuration or even the user behavior itself. When working with one of our clients, we suggested testing in production, at first it seemed a terrifying idea, for reasons like, what if we impact real data or put production systems under unnecessary load? But one of the benefits of testing in production does give us a way to determine if the services are not just “available” but the product that relies on these services is actually functional. We are even able to probe that the core functionality of our product is working. That is why Synthetic monitoring has helped us, by being part of continuous testing, a model wherein the we, as a team, find opportunities to check for possible failures on production or unexpected behavior to inform decisions to support agility enabling us to react quicker and assisting with building the best product we can.

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