Testing a REST API with Python

Live coding on stage

Using API's to divide products and interact with external data sources is a common practice and something we testers need to test and use in our work. Using Python for this is both easy and powerful.

Are you working in an environment where your product is exposing a REST API? It's highly likely, and almost just as likely is that you and you're team are either responsible for testing an API or that your software interacts with one.

REST API's are becoming more and more the de-facto standard in the industry and typically rely on JSON-data when sending data in between servers and processes. REST API's have the upside of being easy to work with and interact with, thus a lot of testers rely on free and commercial products to test them. But a lot of times those tools are either not flexible enough, or carry the necesity of buying licenses.

I want to show you just how easy and powerful it is to use Python to perform exploratory testing on a REST API, and also how to write your own automated checks in Python for the REST API, how we can structure the tests, test data, and expected results. Common libraries such as Requests and Pytest wil be used. We'll have a full stack of a Point of Sale (POS) and Provisioning system with corresponding back-end and database to explore. Join me, sit back and see as we explore and thereafter automate checks of our REST API.