Testing Accessibility, the Agile Way

Make accessibility a sustainable habit in your organization.

You can't put an accessibility expert in every Agile team, but you can be smart. Here's the story of how we made accessibility a sustainable habit.

When IT products are not designed and implemented correctly, they make access to information pretty challenging for persons with disabilities. Which is why it is crucial that we open up our products to as many people as possible, regardless of their abilities, circumstances and equipment.

There’s one big problem with accessibility, though. It’s still a relatively niche field to work in, and there are not that many subject matter experts out there.

For organizations that want to make accessibility a part of their Agile processes, putting an accessibility expert in every agile team is simply not an option. This is why we need to distribute the work needed to make an accessible product among different groups and tasks.

In this session, Ugi Kutluoglu will talk about what went well, and where we fell short when implementing accessibility into Scribd’s agile processes. We’ll learn who is responsible for which parts of the testing process, and how it all comes together to make an accessible product at the end. We’ll talk about making allies in design, development and management teams. But most importantly, we’ll tell the story of how we’ve embraced accessibility as part of our culture, and see accessibility as an opportunity to open up our product to more people.

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