Tests That Spark Joy!

Let's KonMari your automation suite.

From untidy legacy test codebases to codebases that spark joy by applying KonMari - a minimalism-inspired approach to tackling your stuff category-by-category.

You’re tasked to work on an existing test automation suite, and you note usual problems:

- Slows down the development process

- Test addition is an afterthought in the dev cycle

- Doesn’t point to the problem area in code on failure

- Doesn’t actually give you regression confidence

- Relies on just one person to fix or run it (you!)

- Tests get or “are tagged to be” ignored

You need help. And the help you need is not for creating a new framework, but rather learning to tidy it up so that instead of problems, your tests spark joy.

In this talk, we learn to implement rules/techniques to achieve test atomicity, efficient DOM structure naming for tests, tagging XHR calls, the folder structure for better readability and “what tests to keep” rather than decide “what tests to discard” to keep your suite clean, lean and mean. You’ll learn that your tests, like mine, can spark joy

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