The Agile Playbook

A catalyst for real, on-the-ground agile culture change

The Agile Playbook provides a tool to align all levels of the organization to what it means to be Agile, from the team level to senior leadership.

Part 1: 30 minute talk - the theory An Agile Playbook is a set of statements that capture the way we intend to make decisions and prioritize our limited resources(how we work), the value we intend to add to the broader organization (how we measure success), and the Agile culture we aspire to build. Come get an overview of how to leverage the Agile playbook to align all levels of the organization from senior executives to the makers in the organization around common “we believe” statements that capture what it means to be Agile across every level of the organization. Whether you're just starting to implement Agile, in the middle of an implementation, or in need of a revival, you'll learn how you can use the output of the playbook in your own organization for: – Alignment around HOW we will work, across functions – Engagement in building our to-be culture – Facilitating decision-making & prioritization around a common end goal – Onboarding new team members We'll also share tactics for how you facilitate effective Playbook sessions and develop a change plan around the highest priority areas to tackle. Part 2: 75 minute workshop - hands-on practice In this hands-on workshop, we’ll dive deep into the Agile Playbook, a tool in your change belt, that helps organizations translate & tailor the Agile philosophy to tactical ways of working and rules of engagement that will fit best with our organization's culture & objectives, increasing the likelihood that it will be internalized by impacted teams, and actually have a fighting change to stick! Participants will work in small groups to practice building we believe statements that matter most for the root of why their organization is attempting to implement Agile practices. These statements will then become the starting point for your own playbook that you can bring back to your team to improve adoption and impact of your transition to a high functioning agile organization. Participants will come together to begin developing a facilitation and change plan that will allow you to return and use the playbook as a communication and rallying vehicle across your teams. Like any good Agile tool, the Playbook is designed to be an iterative, living document that teams and organizations can use to continue to evolve their Agile practices and demonstrate continuous improvement.

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