JUNE 23 – 27, 2019


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The Build That Cried Broken

Learn how to build stability and credibility into your continuous integration tests to enable fast feedback that is reliable for agile development.

There’s a famous Aesop Fable titled “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. As the story goes, a young shepherd-boy would declare that a wolf was coming in an effort to alarm the villagers who were concerned for their sheep. The boy got a reaction from the villagers the first three or four times he did this, but the villagers eventually became hip to his game and disregarded his future alarms. One day, a wolf really was coming and when the boy tried to alert the villagers, none of them paid him any attention. The sheep, of course, perished. For many teams, their continuous integration builds have become just like this young shepherd-boy. They are crying “Broken! Broken!” and in a state of panic, team members assess the build. Yet, time and time again, they find that the application is working but that the tests are faulty and giving false alarms. Eventually, no one pays attention to the alerts anymore and have lost faith in what was supposed to be a very important indicator. Let me help you save the sheep...or in your case, the quality of your application. In this talk, I’ll provide you with 3 key takeaways: * How to build stability within your automated tests * Tips for managing tests that are failing with just cause * How to influence the perception of the credibility of the tests among stakeholders

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