The Cost of Asking Questions in Agile Driven Businesses

Asking questions became an art these days, because like art asking good questions is rare and expensive. How much it costs to ask questions in the era of speed and agile mindset tendency?

Why are we, as human beings, so “uninterested” of asking questions as we are getting old?

Studies show that conversations between children contain 70-80% questions, while in the case of adult conversations this number goes down to only 15-20%. Do we know everything? Is the comfort the main factor in here?

Society rewards those which answer questions, but asking the right questions helps driving the discussions in the right direction, enabling taking the chances of making better decisions, quicker and cheaper.

Maybe we like assumptions so much, that we just fill in the blank spaces from case to case. Scientists from Harvard discovered that there are several types of questions that can be addressed, depending on the desired output of a specific conversation.

Does an organization need to prepare a proper environment for employees to ask questions, fearlessly? What about an organization where an Agile Mindset is promoted?

Does asking lots of questions help to get better decisions?

Let’s find out together.

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