The Deal: Quality and Development Together

A framework for creating and fostering relationships between developers and test engineers--even in the most stressful of times!

The relationship between test and development needs to be purposefully created, nurtured, and expanded. The Deal gives you a framework to do this.

You walk into a new job or new team and you can feel the tension in the air. Development and Quality Assurance are at odds; each jockeying for position and resisting the other. Management is no help, and now you feel stuck here and afraid your whole team is set up to fail. Why are developers and QA professionals so often at odds? We know that it takes both disciplines to make better software faster.

So how do we get from an adversarial relationship to a beneficial one? Join Adrian P. Dunston--Senior Developer--and Jenny Bramble--Test Lead--as they discuss and explore The Deal: a pact between one test engineer and one software engineer that can make a huge impact for the two, for the teams around them by strengthening both disciplines.

They will describe The Deal (development supports test; test keeps development safe) and introduce you to the team members that you should target to make The Deal with as well as timing and how to maintain the relationship. If you've ever been on a toxic team and wanted to change it to something more positive, Jenny and Adrian are here to help guide you in the right direction.