The Do’s and Dont’s of Building a Successful Agile Team

Understand how to create a great cross-functional Agile team and the do’s and don’t when forming a strong team

If you work in an Agile environment you often hear that in order to succeed you have to have great team.
But what is a true great Agile team? It isn’t just any random group of people. It also isn’t a group of business analysts doing a daily standup to coordinate their work either. Nor, is an Agile Team a project team with folks matrixed across two or more other Agile teams. An Agile team is a specialized project team that’s built to cope with the needs of Agile project management.

And in this talk I will share with you what an Agile team actually is, why having a cross functional team is important, and how to work through through the team building challenges (because you will encounter challenges) to create a successful cross-functional agile team. Get inspired to start building successful Agile teams today!