The Only Good Quality Metric Is Morale

It seems like there are no good metrics for a QA team. They're either combative or easily gamed or just unless. Until you start looking at the emotional health of the team over all...

Every metric for a QA team has pitfalls.

Some are combative and drive a wedge between departments. Some are useless or easily gamed. Some don’t make any sense at all. So what’s an agile team to do if they want to measure the quality of the software they are working so hard to produce?

Jenny Bramble suggests looking inward, past all the obvious metrics and the heart of the team. The team’s morale can accurately predict the quality of the software they produce. In this talk, she will discuss some common metrics and their pit falls before making the case for morale as the top QA metric. She’ll show how to measure changes in morale over time and what you can do to help increase the morale—and thus quality!—of your team.

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