JUNE 23 – 27, 2019


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They want it WHEN? UX in an Agile Environment

Learn how to balance the long-term visionary work required for solid UX and interaction design with an agile team's need for designs RIGHT NOW.

Most software development teams struggle with how to integrate UX and interaction design into the Agile process. UX architects and designers often feel like they're being told to "Be creative now!" and generate a solid design on the spot. That's a difficult goal to achieve, and runs a high risk of a design that's not well thought-out and won't hold up as the application grows. In this presentation, software development expert Diana Getman will teach you key techniques you can use on your project to balance the needs for a well thought-out interaction design with the needs of the agile development team that's waiting around, ready to code the first story. Through the use of a staggered sprint approach, you will learn how to work in lockstep with the developers and provide them what they need, focusing on the most important questions first. You'll get an inside look at what is really important to get right up front, and what's easy to adapt over time. You'll come away from the presentation armed with actionable knowledge you can immediately apply to your software design projects.

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