Topic Roulette #1

Your special chance to pick Linda's brain on very specific topics


Join Linda Rising for this new format called Topic Roulette.

Just like the normal roulette game you get to set your chips on a playing mat and can get all excited when the little marble is rolling around the roulette wheel.
The number it lands on will determine which topic starts first.
Your chips indicate how much time each topic will get.

You are interested in any of the following topics?:

- The brain; thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, influence & much more

- Better ways of meeting and learning, e.g. from brainstorming, retrospectives, organizational change

- Communicating with people who don't agree with us

- Trees, the benefits of nature

- Ways of dealing with anxiety (you'll learn more in the keynote Tuesday evening); expressive writing, rituals

Then come and join the one and only Linda Rising in this brand new AgileTD format.