Two day in-depth psychological safety training

Psychological safety is one of the most important factors in effective and safe-to-fail organisations. Come learn what it is and how to start achieving it.

Psychological safety is an area that has been getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so. Google has found it to be the most important factor as to what is required to create a high performing team.

Safety is a prerequisite to build learning organizations ,where people, teams, and organization will grow and learn.

Lots of research is being done, and there are many articles and talks about psychological safety; however the descriptions are often quite high-level, so we will start the workshop by looking at definitions and discussing what that actually means to us.

The workshop will continue by building awareness around the area and the importance of it. We will be looking into the difference between feeling safe and feeling uncomfortable and why this difference matters.

We will be working on identifying unsafe environments and how to deal with them. And maybe most importantly we will look at how to build a safe environment.

The workshop will be very interactive with most exercises done in pairs or triads as well as reflections and follow-ups.

“This was another tough workshop – mentally tough. Gitte and Morgan managed to create a safe space for everyone to talk about safety, to experience discomfort while still being and feeling safe, and to share difficult stories with each other. “ Lisi Hocke about taking part in “Becoming aware of psychological safety” at Agile Testing Days 2019

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