Use the Scientific Method to Improve Your Testing:

Why Charles Darwin Would Make an Excellent Tester

Scientists make excellent testers because they use their observation skills & control variables to conduct their tests and continuously learn.

With a couple of decades of testing and a few degrees in science under their belts, Nicole and Raye Anne know how to test like scientists.

Join them as they explain how they test by emphasizing observation and experimentation. They will walk you through how to identify and control variables when testing, so you can reach effective conclusions from your tests. If you change too many variables during your test and you find a bug, you could be chasing your tail to figure out the root cause of the bug. Scientists make great testers as they follow the scientific method, ask questions, observe details, form hypotheses, and continually learn. When you use the scientific method in testing you continually inspect and adapt your experiments, so you increase your knowledge of testing and your product each time you test.

Nicole and Raye Anne met at Agile Testing Days USA in 2018. They agree with Charles Darwin’s view, “A [woman’s] man’s friendships are one of the best measures of [her] his worth.” They also believe that we need more scientists on our testing teams, and want to show you how to approach testing using the scientific method.