Using Design Thinking to create better Test Cases

Learn how to create user-centric test cases using Design Thinking, framing better the business drivers, selecting the persona (user), mapping and creating their customer journey, happy and unhappy.

Design good test cases can be described as an art. With Agile, Test driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), testers usually are (or should be) part of the discovery and design phase of the project and the business drivers should dictate test case design. But how can we ensure we are focusing on the user and bringing the biggest value possible in this phase?

In this workshop, we will introduce the audience to “Design Thinking”, how the Design Thinking framework relates to Testing and the Development Lifecycle and then how to use it in the design phase of your project.

After that, we will go through hands on exercises, to really show how to better frame the business drivers, select the persona (user), know your user and map the persona’s journey.
After understanding the customer journey, we will identify the pain points, and create the test cases for happy and unhappy paths, using BDD.

We will finish on explaining how to assemble the workshop, select the team to ensure we have a diverse and multidisciplinary group and create the agenda.

After the talk, the team will have the knowledge and be empowered to conduct a “Design Thinking” workshop and to provide greater value and a user-centered outcome for the test cases.

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