JUNE 23 – 27, 2019


Join North America's greatest Agile Testing Festival!

Using your testing mindset to explore requirements

How Testers can Product Owner and the team early in planning

As a tester on a team, you should be a part of initial discussions around release planning and deciding what to work on first. Teams often start with big backlogs created by the Product Owner, but then get into long analysis on "Where to begin?". Believe it or not, the Product Owner doesn't know everything and any help from the team is appreciated. A testing mindset is one important ingredient in helping to make these decisions. In this talk, Janet and Ardita will bring some exploratory testing practices to help the Product Owner (and the team) to help decide what to work on next. They connect the testing world with the product management world to create a more effective way for a team to decide where to put their efforts so they learn faster and produce valuable solutions earlier. For example, exploring different scenarios and alternate paths helps the team visualize MVP. Interactive exercises enable participants to experience to practice and learn. This workshop will help anyone working on an agile team that struggles with understanding where to start, or what to build.

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