Web & Mobile Security Testing - Mindset to Skillset

Everyone loves Hacking / Penetration Testing / Security Testing, but most of them are clueless or paranoid about how to start. I will help you get started with Web and Mobile Security in 12 Hours.

Everyone loves Hacking / Penetration Testing / Security Testing, but most of them are clueless or paranoid about how to start.

Be it knowing HTTP requests/responses or be it access control, database hacking, session management; we are going to learn how they work and also perform attacks hands-on. Most of the hackers who get certified usually go through theory and when they are asked to perform security tests, they fail. I (Santhosh Tuppad) come from a background where I did all the learning by myself since 16 and I am still learning to go deeper in the security area. In this tutorial, we all are learners and we mutually learn while we face challenges and perform hands-on exercises. This is not one-way talking, but all of us talk and celebrate the learning.

We shall cover attacks like Brute-Force, how to automate security attacks, denial of service, session management security attacks, cookie-based attacks, file upload vulnerabilities, command injection, CSRF, XSS and more more more. Don’t you worry, I am here to support and facilitate your learning.

I am confident that you may have got confidence in joining me in this tutorial. Well, if you are not yet; then see if the following questions can help you to decide whether this is for you or not.

You are enthusiastic about learning security testing.

You always wanted to improve your profile by learning to test for security.

You love to tinker with web and mobile apps.

You want to “Wow” your team members by finding security bugs that matter.

You want to grow in your career.

You haven’t done a bit of security testing in your career, but you want someone who can guide you and train you better.

Well, no matter what reason you have; I (Santhosh Tuppad) am going to make the journey easier for you while you also feel challenged as the tutorial moves on to various challenges. But, wait! The good news is, you are not alone because I (Santhosh Tuppad) am here to help you walk, run and swim across the “Security Testing / Ethical Hacking” journey.

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