Alivia Blount



Alivia has a background in data engineering and data science but has more recently found an interest in machine learning and reinforcement learning. She is currently working as a data program manager and builds models which help understand societal issues. Currently, Alivia is working on building a model which combines public datasets from the ACLU and Harvard's Caselaw access project API. By combining these data sets Alivia is setting out to understand if the rulings as they stand are fair in terms of the law. Alivia wants to understand if a history of malpractice by civil servants as reported by the ACLU is being used as evidence in the cases which these civil servants are bringing up in court, given there are times when history is reflective of future behavior.

Alivia is also very interested in diagnostics and how to use public health data sets and income levels to understand the reasons why poor people are being improperly diagnosed.