JUNE 23-27, 2019



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Bria Grangard

Bria Grangard

Bria Grangard is a subject matter expert in the software testing field. She manages SmartBear Software’s testing products, which include the award-winning automated testing and test management tools like CrossBrowserTesting, TestComplete, and QAComplete. A popular speaker on topics such as how to accelerate your testing pipeline through parallel testing and best practices for managing test cases, Bria loves to speak to testers in all industries with all software development styles, educating them on ways they can speed up their release cycle without compromising the quality of their applications. She has earned three degrees from Dartmouth College, including two bachelor's degrees in engineering and a master’s degree in engineering management. Bria most recently spoke at the Romania Testing Conference, Atlantec festival in Galway, and Automation Guild Online Conference.

Sessions Hosted by Bria Grangard

30-minute Talk

All levels

2:45 p.m.-3:15 p.m. Tuesday 26th

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