Divya Rakhiani



Divya Rakhiani has more than 8 years of experience in Quality Assurance working in a startup like Beanworks, Service companies like Infosys and Thoughtworks and Product companies like Dell EMC. She currently heads the Quality Engineering department at a startup called Beanworks that specializes in automating the tedious and paper-heavy accounting process. It’s rated the 13th best startup in the Vancouver tech market. Divya sees herself today as a new immigrant to Canada and is building her career helping QA teams to use technologies like UI automation using cypress/selenium, and CI/CD practices for code deployment.

She is passionate about preaching quality as a mindset in the software development cycle and not a stage. When not working, Divya likes to lift weights at the gym! #girlswhocodeandlift. Most of her weekends are spent —running at the beautiful Stanley Park, walking the dog or meal prepping and daydreaming about all the shoes she can buy ;)