Pete Walen (he/him/his)



Peter Walen is a strategist, technologist, and philosophical thinker who has spent the past 25 years focused on solving quality problems in complex organizations. His formal education included history, philosophy, music, and education. Using dialogical methodologies honed from years of teaching and technology experience, Pete works to help organizations, teams, and individuals enact positive change by changing the social relations in the organization. Pete's dialogical methodology has proven effective in large, enterprise organizations as well as small startups. Pete has employed his methodology in full-time, contract, and consultative capacities. He understands the nuanced challenges that every type of tester faces in an ever-changing landscape, and uses the depth of his knowledge and breadth of his experience to make changes in the organizations where he works, and to help other software professionals do the same. He works as a Test Capability Lead at Centric Consulting.