Phil Wells

Phil Wells

Phil Wells has been a software quality practitioner for over a decade. Now, Phil is a software engineer in test for the New York Times games team. This team maintains the most popular crossword product in the world. Phil works to ensure that this team builds quality into every new feature and game they deliver. Phil likes to go beyond writing tests and building infrastructure for delivery. He also acts as a coach for his peers in web development, teaching and advocating for modern test practices and technologies. People have all sorts of funny ideas about what Phil does every day. Phil does not construct the puzzle content for the crosswords. Phil does not program an AI to solve crosswords, although that would be awesome. Phil does not know Will Shortz. If you see Phil walking around the conference, feel free to say, “Hi, Phil!”

Sessions Hosted by Phil Wells

30-minute Talk

Beginner session

10:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
Tuesday 22nd
Salon 8-9 - Talks

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