Vernon Brown

Vernon Brown

Vernon is one of the top Happiness Coaches in America, who focuses on exploring the endless possibilities as to why Entrepreneurs and Executives feel stuck and unhappy. The key is many still live in the past; Vernon unlocks their destiny. Known onstage as the Energizer Connection Speaker, Vernon uses his intuitive gift of empathy, charismatic personality and his knowledge from his studies in Psychology to leave audience members at the edge of their seats as they wait to implement his life-changing lessons.

From cover model to personal trainer to CEO, Vernon is driven and uses his intuition to find a customized regimen that works for his clients that expand the nation. Vernon Brown’s work has touched the lives of thousands of Executives to increase employee engagement. As well as, Entrepreneurs who have doubled their business beyond six figures and has helped save countless personal relationships in the process.

Sessions Hosted by Vernon Brown

45-minute Keynote

All levels

1:30 p.m.-2:15 p.m.
Thursday 24th
Grand Ballroom 1-4 - Keynotes / Talks

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